Insurgency: Sandstorm added

By Jonathan

Purchase an Insurgency Sandstorm ready for 12th December!

We have recently added the upcoming Insurgency: Sandstorm to our service offerings. The game was recently in open beta over the weekend, and was available for free on Steam.

Satisfactory server hosting coming soon

By Connor

We are very excited to host, as well as play this amazing looking game!

Satisfactory is best described as a first person, graphically enhanced version of the massively popular (and addictive) Factorio. One could also say it’s a mixture of Factorio and No Man’s Sky (after the multiplayer updates this year), but we won’t step into that territory. Alpha sign ups are available now.

Upcoming Conan Exiles hosting changes and 30% off

By Jonathan

Conan Exiles is almost out of early access! Read on for an exclusive 30% discount off your first month!

Over the past few months Funcom have been hard at work pumping out new features and fixing a shed load of bugs and issues with the game. Conan Exiles is currently due to be released from early access on the 8th May, and the update will be available immediately accross our entire network.

New Website

By Jonathan

A quick run through of new changes that have been added to our website.

We have updated our website! You may notice the overall design is much improved, as well as a few features to help with user experience.