Finding the best Rust Servers

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Last modified: 6th June 2023

You can use multiple ways to find good servers to join

Discovering the perfect server and establishing a prominent presence for your server on the most coveted server lists is actually a fairly straightforward process.

You can effortlessly tap into the potential of a few reputable websites to identify and elevate your server to the esteemed position of being number one on the rankings.

Here are some remarkable platforms that can aid you:

BattleMetrics Rust Servers List
Rust Servers List
GameMonitoring Rust Servers List
Trackyserver Rust Servers List
JustWiped Rust Servers List
JustWiped Screenshot

Using these sites will help you in choosing a server, you will be able to find the best modded rust server and vanilla rust servers but also these sites will help you create the best modded server for Rust!

You can filter these websites to find 2x or 5x servers, you will be able to tell which servers are official servers and which are run by the community. If the server has a active wipe schedule then you know they will have active admins.

You'll be able to find PVE, servers that focus on PVP or roleplay servers. Just-wiped will help you in finding wipe schedules, popular servers.

By effectively utilizing these esteemed websites, you will be empowered to discover a high-quality server that perfectly aligns with your preferences. Furthermore, adding your server to these platforms will significantly enhance its visibility, making it effortlessly discoverable by eager players searching for an exceptional gaming experience.

To ensure an optimal player experience and maintain a level playing field, it is essential to establish robust measures that safeguard against cheating administrators. This can be achieved by implementing admin logging plugins detect any irregularities or unfair advantages. Building trust and maintaining integrity within the server community is vital to foster a healthy and enjoyable gaming environment.

In addition to fair play, implementing a well-regulated restart schedule with periodic wipes can greatly contribute to a thriving server. This ensures that all players start on an equal footing and prevents accumulation of excessive in-game advantages. Regularly scheduled restarts and wipes inject freshness into the gameplay, providing an opportunity for new and existing players to explore, strategize, and engage in a balanced competitive landscape.

By prioritizing the well-being of your players and cultivating a culture of integrity, your server will stand out among the rest, attracting dedicated gamers seeking a rewarding and cheat-free gaming experience.

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