About Us

Founded in 2016, LOW.MS is a well established game server provider having served over 100,000 customers globally. We are a fully registered limited company in the UK, with a physical office based in Caterham, Surrey.

LOW.MS has a strong focus on providing high quality game servers. We ensure this quality by upgrading our hardware every 2-3 years. We aim to always have the latest hardware available to our customers, as we know how important it is to have a game server with more players and smoother performance than your rivals.

We are proud to have a 4.8 star rating on Trustpilot, and we put this down to our investment into support. As of 2022, we have 4 full-time members of staff working in our support team. We provide around the clock support to our own customers, as well as utilizing third-party support for maintaining our physical racks and hardware.

Our team at LOW.MS have a long history of working in the game server hosting industry, and it's that experience, alongside hard-work and dedicated, that has allowed LOW.MS to become what it is today.

The Team

Jonathan L. - Founder & Director

Jonathan founded LOW.MS back in 2016. His experience prior to LOW.MS was primarily in server hosting, having previously run a Minecraft and DayZ hosting business a few years prior. It was one of the first DayZ hosts, and provided hosting for their core infrastructure (known within DayZ as The Hive). All the good and bad from this prior experience is what LOW.MS is built on.

Jonathan is also an experience software developer, and this has allowed LOW.MS to build some great internal tools for our staff, as well as the development of our own control panel.

Currently playing: Escape from Tarkov

Connor J. - Director

Connor joined LOW.MS shortly after it was founded, and has been a core member of the team ever since. Connor primarily handles our infrastructure on a day-to-day basis, ensuring all our services are running as expected.

Connor also has experience in web development, and assists with the development of the LOW.MS website and also our internal tools for staff. He's a key developer for our new control panel.lso

Currently playing: Dwarf Fortress

Ryan S. - Senior Support Technician

Ryan is one of our longest serving members of staff, having joined LOW.MS in 2018. Ryan is a key member of our support team, and is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of game server hosting.

Currently playing: Apex Legends

James F. - Support Technician

James joined our team in 2020 at a time where we were experiencing a lot of growth. James is another key member of our support team. While working at LOW.MS, he has learnt a considerable amount about game server hosting.

Currently playing: DCS

Ben P. - Marketing

Ben assists with marketing and social media for LOW.MS.

Currently playing: League of Legends

Guy P. - Server Build Engineer

Guy assists mostly with our hardware, from designing and building our water-cooled i9 13900K servers, to racking and configuring our network switches. He also thoroughly tests all our equipment, and helps troubleshoot any issues we have post-setup.

Phil Y. - Network Engineer

Phil works primarily on the software side of our servers, as well as monitoring and troubleshooting any issues with our network.

Kirsty - Accounting

Kirsty works on the financial side of the business. She handles our accounts and billing.

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