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SSD Powered

We use the latest Intel processors giving your server up to 4.2 GHz of raw processing power combined with DDR4 memory and Intel SSDs.

Instant Setup

As soon as your payment has been recieved our system begins setting up your server, allowing you to start gaming within minutes.

Control Panel Access

You will have full control over your own server through our control panel as well as full FTP access.

DDoS Protection

All our servers have at least 10 Gbps DDOS protection, minimising interruptions to your gaming.

Worldwide Locations

We provide hosting all around the world, including game hosting in Europe, USA, Australia and Asia!

Secure Payments

Your payment details never touch our servers, allowing you pay in confidence. Not happy? Let us know!

Server Rental Locations

We currently offer hosting in the locations on the map below. We are always looking to expand where there is enough interest. Let us know if you would like a location closer to home!

Europe locations
  • London, UK
  • Falkenstein, Germany
  • Madrid, Spain (ETA 2018)
  • Warsaw, Poland (ETA 2018)
US locations
  • Los Angeles, CA (US West)
  • Bend, OR (US West)
  • Dallas, TX (US Central)
  • New York, NY (US East)
  • Miami, FL (US East)
Asia/Oceania locations
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Singapore, Asia
Ping Test

Use our unique Ping Test tool to check the connection quality between yourself and our different server rental locations. Results will appear on the map above.

Ping Test
DDoS Protected

All our locations are protect from attacks of up to 10 Gbps. London has protection from attacks of up to 50 Gbps.

We will soon be investing in further network upgrades which will further increase our proection.

Customer Testimonials

Here are a selection of testimonials pulled directly from our Trustpilot page.

Low Ms review from a happy customer.

Ive personally had a server with lowMs for a good six months now, Start up was almost imediate and although i,m using a game they were not familiar with, they have been more than helpful with every issue that has arisen. Cannot recomend Low Ms enough.

Paul R - January 19th 2018
5/5 Absolutely Recommended!

Server was activated almost immediately. Moreover, you can email them directly with any service issue. They will be prompt and as helpful as possible!

Vinny N - January 19th 2018
Great hosting Service!

I have rented servers from low.ms, and had nothing but good service from them. They usually explain the issues to me.

P Dragon - January 17th 2018
Not only is the quality of their …

Not only is the quality of their servers excellent, their customer service is also incredible! Number one choice for server hosting.

Mike D - December 23rd 2017

This group of people are just amazing from the start. I had a few questions at first and I got a very personalized response to my questions very quick

Shawn R - February 11th 2017
Fast servvice & knowledgable staff...GG

GG!! ^ ^ Best server host around and title really says it all hehe!