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Last modified: 25th July 2023

Update 1.9.3 sheds some light on servers that are coming to Battlebit

New Map & Mode | Future Plans Recap

Update 1.9.3

Community Servers!
Our primary focus this month is to work on bringing community servers into the mix and creating API access for server admins. This will allow them to customize server settings to their preference.

Here's what you can expect from community servers (should server admins choose to host one):
Sniper-only servers
Pistol-only servers
More competitive, hardcore servers
More arcade-style, less milsim servers
Flight school servers
Ace Of Spades-style voxel servers (Yes, we have this feature! It's currently not public and is reserved for community servers.)
Clan servers
Other servers according to admin's preferences...

We're getting excited to be able to finally host for this game, we at LOW.MS have been playing this game constantly and haven't felt like this since Battlefield 2!

Discord Community Servers link

The other update notes from this latest article:

  • The return of Capture The Flag
  • Experimental King of the Hill game mode
  • Reworking and introducing new maps
    • MultuIslands getting a complete remake
  • UI improvements for Capture The Flag
  • The spectator mode has been further improved.
  • Player lag has been improved during rope climbing.
  • The issue where turrets, helicopters, etc. were incorrectly counted as 'shots fired' in stats has been fixed.
  • Spawning on players will not be rewarded until the game starts.
  • Tanks will no longer apply torque when the wheels are not touching the ground.
  • Bullets will only passthrough 50% damage when shot through vehicle windows.
  • Salhan - Southern area city buildings were replaced with more durable ones that will block line of sight from A even after destroying it.
  • Salhan and Frugis objectives adjustments based on players feedback to avoid spawn camping
  • Valley - DOMI 16v16 layout tweaked.
  • Eduardovo - DOMI 16v16 layout tweaked.
  • Namak - roof exploit fixed.
  • incorrect naming of "Support Armor 00 A Big" fixed

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