Sons of the Forest Patch 8

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Last modified: 26th July 2023

Latest update for SOTF

Launched at the start of the year and offered on dedicated servers for nearly a month, the horror-survival game Sons of the Forest continues to receive substantial updates and corrections from its developers. The most recent patch, Patch 08, was introduced just a few days ago and here, we detail what's inside.


With Patch 08 for Sons of the Forest, the characters Virginia and Kelvin have now gained the ability to swim in sufficiently deep water - though, crossing small rivers for tasks such as Kelvin delivering logs from a nearby island is still not feasible.

Not only can a maximum of four players simultaneously occupy the golf carts, but these vehicles are now fitted with lights, enabling you to navigate in darkness without continuously bumping into trees or getting lodged somewhere.

Another novelty is the introduction of wire-clad electric fences that can deter adversaries from directly attacking your base, the electric shocks ensuring due deference from your enemies. However, ensure that you don't accidentally run into the fences. To set up the electric fence, build a basic stick fence and wrap the wire around it, following the direction of the arrow. Additionally, the wires can now be positioned flexibly, as indicated by a white circle.

SOTF Electric Fence

Complementing the electric fences is a brand-new defense trap called the Hokey-Pokey trap, and it's no laughing matter. Resembling a morning star, this trap is equally startling: if an enemy (or you, so be careful!) passes by the trap, it activates and leisurely swings the spike ball toward the enemy, possibly amputating limbs or causing instant death. The slow-motion arc of the spike ball strikes any creatures in its proximity - sounds entertaining? It's a spectacle to behold too.

SOTF HokeyPokey Trap

Previously, GPS trackers could only be located in specific places, but with Patch 08, you can now fabricate the components for them using the 3D printer and assemble them in your inventory. This feature is particularly useful as the GPS trackers allow you to not only track Virginia but also mark places of interest.



  • You can now collect and operate radios found in deserted camps or bases.
  • A new game setting allows you to find less ammunition, thereby elevating the difficulty level.
  • A recurring enemy that first appears after you've completed the end game has been introduced.
  • New video footage has been added.
  • Certain bunkers now feature voice announcements.
  • Defensive walls are now four times as resilient to damage.
  • The frequency of enemy group attacks reduces as you eliminate more enemies, but the attacks intensify over time unless you keep exterminating them.
  • The health of glowing puffies has been decreased.
  • If you hunt moose, be cautious, as they can now kick at you.
  • Window shutters now display an animation when being opened or closed.
  • Various other fixes and problem resolutions.

For a comprehensive overview of the novelties introduced in Patch 08, feel free to visit the Sons of the Forest Steam page and peruse the patch notes under news.

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