Top 10 Best Rust Mods - picked by staff & customers!

Created by: LOW.MS Staff

Last modified: 6th June 2023

Some of the most picked and loved UMod/Oxide plugins for Rust!

Position 1 Stack Size Controller
Great plugin for ease of use for your users

  • Allows setting stack sizes for nearly every item in Rust.
  • Items are automatically populated in the configuration file.
  • Stacks can easily be modified globally, by category or individually in the configuration file.
  • Several quality of life commands allowing you to search all items and list categories.
  • Item search displays vanilla stack rate as well as custom stack rate after multipliers.

Position 2 Gather Manager
Great plugin to allow you to change how much resources are gathered by each resource. Great for making the game easier for people who can't play all the time!
Gather Mod Logo

Position 3 Vanish
Vanish allows players with permission to become completely invisible. Players, turrets, helicopters, NPCs, etc. will not be able to see, hear, or touch you! Very handy for when you need to obverse players for cheating!

Position 4 Image Library
This plugin is more of a library for other plugins, but it allows you to insert images into the game UI - great for expanding user experience. A few of the more notable plugins that use this library are:

  • Kill Records
  • GUI Shop
  • Skin Shop
  • Ui Plus
  • Raid Protection

Position 5 No Give Notices
This plugin is good for certain servers, but be very careful as players will not enjoy admins that spawn in items that give them the upper hand over legitimate players!

Position 6 DiscordLogger
This plugins helps your community by posting things into the Discord channel, it can help bring your community back into the server.

Position 7 AdminRadar
This plugin is good for certain servers, but be very careful as players will not enjoy admins that use this to give them the upper hand over legitimate players! The plugin helps detect cheaters by drawing on your screen the locations of players with their current health and distance from you

Position 8 Rust Kits
This is a great plugin for giving your players are helping start at the game, it can also be used with server donations to help you keep the server running

Position 9 GUI Shop
The GUI Shop plugin allows you to put a shop in game, that your players can interact with. The plugin works great with the Economics mod!

Position 10 Economics
This plugins works great with GUI Shop as it adds a basic economic system to your agame.

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