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Last modified: 9th August 2023

Currently October 2023 is the current release date for this DLC

In the realm of Ark: Survival Ascended, anticipation and discussions have been fueled by recent developments from Studio Wildcard. This revamped version of their game, poised for release in October, has undergone significant changes that are sure to resonate with the gaming community. Let's delve into the updates that have captivated players.

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Ark DLC Expansion

Initial Controversy Surrounding Ark: Survival Ascended

Initially, the announcement of Ark: Survival Ascended was met with controversy, particularly regarding its price and release date. Dedicated fans of Ark: Survival Evolved were promised a revitalized experience complete with enhanced graphics and new creatures. However, the game's price tag raised eyebrows as it was set at $60 for the full version.

Additionally, concerns emerged about the cessation of regular content updates for Ark: Survival Evolved, as the focus shifted to the new iteration. Official servers were slated for closure, giving way to Ark: Survival Ascended servers. This transition came with the discontinuation of holiday updates.

Ark DLC Expansion

Positive Changes: Ark: Survival Ascended Price Adjustment

Responding to the community's concerns, Studio Wildcard took steps to address the pricing issue. The initial price of $60 was revised to $45, with an extra $5 discount for early adopters on launch day. While this adjustment doesn't resolve all the community's qualms, there's a silver lining: developers are including each Ark DLC as part of the initial purchase. This move seeks to ease the disappointment among Ark: Survival veterans.

Release Date Update for Ark: Survival Ascended

Studio Wildcard shared news regarding the release date alteration in their community messaging. The original release date set for August 2023 has been postponed by two months, now slated for October 2023. This shift, while disappointing, hasn't dampened the enthusiasm of fans eagerly anticipating the revamp of Ark: Survival Evolved.

Overcoming Challenges: Awaiting a Fresh Start

The revised release date may present a minor hurdle, but the gaming community remains resilient and eager to witness the game's transformation after eight years of Ark: Survival Evolved's initial launch in 2015. October 2023 will mark a significant milestone in this journey, despite previous controversies adding a layer of complexity.

The Visual Tease: Lack of Ark Survival Ascended Screenshots

Amid the anticipation, a notable aspect causing consternation is the dearth of official screenshots from Studio Wildcard. Despite discussions and press releases promising a "Unreal Engine massive overhaul," players are yet to glimpse these enhancements. While there have been community-crunch votes to select new creatures for Ark: Survival Ascended, the absence of supporting visuals has sparked frustration.

The current price of $45 is anchored to promises conveyed through text, leaving players curious about the graphical advancements promised by the developers. In an interesting twist, a fan has taken it upon themselves to envision how Ark: Survival Evolved might look if recreated in the Unreal Engine. While this endeavor showcases impressive visuals, players are left pondering whether repurchasing the game in its current state is warranted, along with the scope of changes accompanying this reproduction.

As the journey to Ark: Survival Ascended's release continues, players eagerly anticipate a comprehensive gaming experience that transcends previous challenges. The commitment of Studio Wildcard to address concerns and deliver on promises suggests that October 2023 holds the promise of a new era for Ark enthusiasts.

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