Migrating to LOW.MS from another host?

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Last modified: 30th January 2024

Palworld guide to transferring your server to LOW.MS

This guide will explain how to transfer your local save or online save from another host to your LOW.MS server.

Transferring your server from another host

New method just added!
You can now use our control panel to automatically migrate your data from other hosts or FTP servers.
Auto migrate tool

Simply choose the host you're currently with and enter in the FTP details of the server.
Hit execute and then your server will be ready to play within 60 seconds without losing any data!

You have two more options here, firstly you can simply send us a support ticket giving us the infomation on how to login to your other server and we will transfer everything for you.

Secondly you can transfer the server files yourself via FTP. Guide on connecting to your FTP here

If you are opting to transfer your own server files, you will need to transfer the folder Pal/Saved/SaveGames over to your own server.
Palworld save location on dedicated server

Before transferring the server keep note of what the folder name is, inside the Pal/Saved/SaveGames/0/* folder, for example C284365C4BA024EAF17DFF9F48535D79

Once you have transferred it across, you will need to navigate into the '0' folder and rename the original folder to: C284365C4BA024EAF17DFF9F48535D79_backup and then rename the folder you've just transferred in to C284365C4BA024EAF17DFF9F48535D79

Start up the server and now your server is running the save!

Transferring your server from your local

We've written another guide which is a overview of doing this and is much easier to follow, however it doesn't go into the detail like below.

Converting Palworld Save

This is a little bit more complicated as you will need to do edits to the .sav files themselves. For some reason the locally hosted save files are different to the dedicated server files.

There are tools that players are creating for example this one

This is an example of what you would need to do to get this to work:

  1. Copy your desired save's folder from C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\Pal\Saved\SaveGames<random_numbers> to your dedicated server.
  2. In the PalServer\Pal\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\GameUserSettings.ini file, change the DedicatedServerName to match your save's folder name. For example, if your save's folder name is 2E85FD38BAA792EB1D4C09386F3A3CDA, the DedicatedServerName changes to DedicatedServerName=2E85FD38BAA792EB1D4C09386F3A3CDA.
  3. Delete PalServer\Pal\Saved\SaveGames\0<your_save_here>\WorldOption.sav to allow modification of PalWorldSettings.ini. Players will have to choose their respawn point again, but nothing else is affected as far as I can tell.
  4. Confirm you can connect to your save on the dedicated server and that the world is the one in the save. You can check the world with a character that doesn't belong to the co-op host.
  5. Afterwards, the co-op host must create a new character on the dedicated server. A new .sav file should appear in PalServer\Pal\Saved\SaveGames\0<your_save_here>\Players.
  6. The name of that new .sav file is your host's GUID. We will need your host's GUID for the script to work.
  7. Copy the entire dedicated server save at PalServer\Pal\Saved\SaveGames\0<your_save_here> (it must be the save with the co-op host's new character!) into a temporary folder and remember the path for the temporary folder because it's needed to run the script.
  8. If you have not already done so, install uesave-rs and get the file path to its install location. If it does not have uesave.exe at the end, it's wrong.
  9. Make a backup of your save! This is an experimental script and has known bugs so always keep a backup copy of your save.
  10. Run the script with the information you've gathered and the fix will be applied.
  11. Have the co-op host join the server with their fixed character.
  12. Enter the co-op host's character into the guild they left and transfer guild ownership back to the co-op host if they had it before.
  13. Follow the Pal bug workaround to fix your Pals.
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