Converting Palworld Save

Created by: LOW.MS Support

Last modified: 30th January 2024

Guide showing how to find UIDs/GUIDs and converting them via uesave-rs and Python

Overview of the steps required:

It can be easier to create a spreadsheet like this to keep track:
Palworld Spreadsheet Converter

  • Gather players UIDs/GUIDs on your local/linux or windows version
    • Make sure everyone is connected
    • Use /ShowPlayers or Player List
  • Gather players UIDs/GUIDs on the server you wish to migrate to
    • Make sure everyone is connected
    • Use /ShowPlayers or Player list
  • Download your current SaveGame folder (including the world & player files) and keep note of the world save name e.g. 2E85FD38BAA792EB1D4C09386F3A3CDA
  • Convert UIDs into GUID
  • Download uesave-rs
  • Download
  • Save both of those files into a folder
  • Using a CMD tool, navigate to the folder and start converting
  • python <uesave.exe> <save_path> <new_guid> <old_guid>
    • Example:
    • python uesave.exe "2E85FD38BAA792EB1D4C09386F3A3CDA" 6E80B1A6000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000001

Gathering Players UIDs

  • Login as admin on your server by typing /AdminPassword {yourPassword}

/AdminPassword Palworld

Response showing correct AdminLogin
Admin login success Palworld

  • Type /showplayers (pic 1) or by pressing esc and looking at your player list (pic 3)

/showplayers palworld

Result of executing /showplayers
/showplayers Palworld results

Server list found in the ESC menu
Player List in ESC palworld

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