Upgrading / downgrading your LOW.MS server

Created by: LOW.MS Staff

Last modified: 9th June 2023

A quick guide on upgrading your LOW.MS server.

  • Navigate to Billing Area
    • Log in
  • Click 'Services' near the top of the page
  • Select the service you wish to upgrade
  • On the left hand side, click 'Upgrade/Downgrade Options'

You will be shown the following upgrades (some games may have more options)

  • Max. Players
    • Allows you to increase the amount of player slots on your server
  • Server Location
    • Change the location of your server, usually done if ping is better to another location. You can use our ping test tool to help with this
  • Dedicated CPU Thread
    • We have reserved CPU threads, for example on the i13900k a few of the performance cores are reserved for people who select this option.
    • Moving from a shared CPU to a dedicated thread means, that no other game server will affect your server. For example some games are heavy on start up and can cause some micro stuttering on other servers for a very short brief of time whilst the server restarts. This option eliminates this problem.
  • Dedicated IP (default ports)
    • Your game server will be assigned its own IP address and no other game server will be on it.
  • SSD Type
    • A few games like Ark Survival Evolved really benefit from this option, generally games that take up a large amount of disk space benefit from the increased speeds.
  • RAM
    • A few games require more than 10Gb so you can increase this, we are one of the hosts that provide you with the most amount of RAM as standard.

Upgrade and Downgrade Options

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