Update 8 for Satisfactory

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Last modified: 10th June 2023

Overview of the new update coming to Satisfactory

A huge exciting release is coming to Satisfactory on the June 13th, 2023 (Tuesday)

FTP/File Manager -> FactoryGame\Saved\SaveGames

You will be able to backup your files on your server by simply clicking the 'Cloud backup' on the left hand side navbar.

C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\FactoryGame\Saved\SaveGames

Full release notes can be found here:
Update 8 release notes

How to update your server to Update 8

  • Log into the control panel
    • Navigate to your Satisfactory server
    • Stop the server
    • On the left hand side click 'Switch to/Update Latest Experimental'
    • Start the server

Full video showing some of the changes incoming by 'Coffee Stain Studioes' - We hugely recommend you watch and subscribe to them, so that you get the latest news as soon as it arrives.

Important Release notes that we've spotted

  • Update to Unreal Engine 5
  • Progression
    • Tier 4 will get a new milestone called 'Expanded Power Infrastructure'
    • The Power Storage will be moved to the new milestone from Logistics Mk3

AGS - Advanced Game Settings

  • Flight mode, a flight mode AGS will be introduced.
    • Flight speed will not be tunable other than sprinting
    • God mode, God mode will make you immune to almost all types of damage. The only exception is the world border damage.
  • Give item button, clicking this button will allow you to pick an item and quantity to give to yourself.
    • There will be a checkbox allowing you to give you the inputted amount in stacks rather than individual items.
    • No build cost, this setting will remove the build cost when in build mode.
    • Dismantling buildings will also not give any items back.
  • No unlock cost, this setting will allow you to unlock any MAM research, HUB milestones, Space Elevator stages and AWESOME shop items without any cost.
    • A label saying ""no unlock cost" active" will replace the normal cost when unlocking items.
  • Unlock Alternative Recipe Instantly, this setting will unlock alternative recipes automatically as soon as all requirements for them are met.
  • No power, this setting will allow buildings to function without a connection to power.
    • Power generators will still continue running as long as their input requirements are met.
    • Power Storages will be charged with the power generated by the running power generators.
    • Biomass burners won't consume fuel as they only work when there's a demand for power.
  • Set starting tier, this setting will only be available when creating a world.
    • It will be available under the AGS button in the world creation menu.
    • Free items matching the selected tier will be provided.
  • Set game phase, this option will allow setting the space elevator phase
    • The setting will be available both in the world creation menu and ingame.
  • Unlock all
    • Unlock all tiers, this will unlock all hub milestones and space elevator phases.
    • Unlock all MAM research, this will unlock all MAM research branches.
    • Unlock all AWESOME shop items, this will unlock all items in the AWESOME shop.
  • Keep inventory, this setting has 3 options, the default will be keep equipment.
    • Keep nothing, pre-update 8 behaviour.
    • Keep equipment, drops all items in a box but keeps the equipment items in the inventory.
    • Keep everything, keeps all items upon death.
  • Disable arachnid creatures, removes all spiders(cats in arachnophobia mode) from the game.
  • AGS will have to be enabled upon world creation or upon loading a save.
    • Once enabled there's no way to disable it.
    • Sessions with AGS enabled saves in them will have a pencil icons in when browsing saves.
    • The text "Advanced Game Settings enabled" will appear next to the date while browsing saves.
    • If AGS is enabled on a save, all players will have access to them.
    • An icon will be shown next to the settings if they apply to all players in the session.

Unreal Engine 5 Satisfactory

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