Transfer your Palworld server to a new location

Created by: LOW.MS Support

Last modified: 23rd January 2024

A quick guide on getting your server transferred over to a different region

It is a quick and easy process to get your server transferred into a different region.

You can find out which region has the best ping for you and your friends by navigating here:

You can then hit the ping test button on the right.

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate and login to:
    Login to billing area
  1. Click on the server you want to move or transfer
    Products and Services
  1. Click on the drop down for Server Location and set a new location
    Server transfer option
  1. Hit continue as server location transfers are free
  1. Typically our servers automatically transfer themselves, however with Palworld we need to do this manually to ensure everyones server is performing without any issues.
  1. Create a ticket here: and let us know when it is a good time to transfer the server, if not we will transfer the server as soon as possible.
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