Sons Of The Forest Servers now available!

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Last modified: 23rd June 2023

Sons Of The Forest Dedicated Servers are now available - how to configure your server is detailed below

You can now order your server for Sons of the Forest (SOTF). The guide will take you through what you can configure on your server.

Currently there are 3 configuration files:

  • ownerswhitelist.txt
    • This allows you to become an admin on the server
  • dedicatedserver.cfg
    • All settings related to the server itself
  • SonsGameSettings
    • This is specific game settings itself

Becoming an admin of your SOTF Server

  • Navigate to your control panel and find the SOTF server
  • Click on 'Configuration Files'
  • Click 'Text Editor' next to ownerswhitelist.txt
    • You will need to know your SteamID
    • To find your SteamID, you can either navigate to this page or directly in Steam click on your name on the top right, then Account Details.
  • Enter your SteamID on bottom of the configuration file for example:
  • You can also add comments in the file by adding a # so you can put names to peoples IDs.

dedicatedserver.cfg - settings
This file is written in JSON format so you will need to be somewhat careful on what you change as this may stop the server from booting if incorrect.

If you example you wanted to change the SaveInternal of the server, you would modify this line:
"SaveInterval": 600,
"SaveInterval": 300,

This would set the save internal to every 5 minutes instead of every 10.

Option Description Accepted Values
ServerName Name of the server visible in the server list, and in the Steam contacts. any string
Password Adds a password to make your server “private”. Upon connection, this password will be requested before the client can proceed. any string up to 40 characters long
SaveSlot When creating a new save, this number will be the id of the save. integer greater or equal to 1
GameMode Sets the difficulty game mode when creating a new save. This parameter is ignored if loading a save (save mode set to “continue” with a save that exists on the slot). If the game mode is set to “custom”, then the custom game mode settings will be read from CustomGameModeSettings option, described later. normal, hard, hardsurvival, peaceful, custom
SaveInterval How often the game server automatically saves the game to SaveSlot, in seconds. integer
IdleDayCycleSpeed A multiplier to how quickly the time passes compared to normal gameplay when the server is considered idle (no player connected). floating point value between 0 and 1, strictly greater than 0
GameSettings A key value map of all game settings you can use to tweak your game (in any mode). All parameters will be listed in a later paragraph along with their possible values. If the value is null, or empty, default settings will be used. See below
CustomGameModeSettings A key value map of all settings available to customize your game in custom mode. All parameters are listed later in this guide along with their possible values. If the value is null, or empty, default settings will be used. This parameter is ignored if the game mode is not “custom” or if loading a save (save mode set to “continue” with a save that exists on the slot), whether is it “custom” or not. See below

You may have noticed that we haven't included everything in here, this is because the options not shown are mainly for us, you won't need to modfiy these.

Game Settings
Currently there are two extra settings you can set here.

"GameSettings": {
    "Gameplay.TreeRegrowth": true,
    "Structure.Damage": true

When modifying this ensure you keep the brackets and quotes and comma's for every new line you add.

Option Description Accepted Values
Gameplay.TreeRegrowth Enable automatic tree regrowth, triggered when sleeping. true, false
Structure.Damage Allow buildings to be damaged. true, false

More to follow when we learn more of the settings available.

Custom Game Mode Settings

These are extra settings, which are only listened to if the game mode is set to custom (see first table above)

The current default is:

"CustomGameModeSettings": {
    "GameSetting.Vail.EnemySpawn": true,
    "GameSetting.Vail.EnemyHealth": "Normal",
    "GameSetting.Vail.EnemyDamage": "Normal",
    "GameSetting.Vail.EnemyArmour": "Normal",
    "GameSetting.Vail.EnemyAggression": "Normal",
    "GameSetting.Vail.AnimalSpawnRate": "Normal",
    "GameSetting.Environment.StartingSeason": "Summer",
    "GameSetting.Environment.SeasonLength": "Default",
    "GameSetting.Environment.DayLength": "Default",
    "GameSetting.Environment.PrecipitationFrequency": "Default",
    "GameSetting.Survival.ConsumableEffects": "Normal",
    "GameSetting.Survival.PlayerStatsDamage": "Off",
    "GameSetting.Survival.ColdPenalties": "Off",
    "GameSetting.Survival.ReducedFoodInContainers": false,
    "GameSetting.Survival.SingleUseContainers": false,
Option Description Accepted Values
GameSetting.Vail.EnemySpawn Enable enemies spawning. true, false
GameSetting.Vail.EnemyHealth Adjust enemy starting health. low, normal, high
GameSetting.Vail.EnemyDamage Adjust damage enemies can do. low, normal, high
GameSetting.Vail.EnemyArmour Adjust enemies armor strength. low, normal, high
GameSetting.Vail.EnemyAggression Adjust enemy aggression level. low, normal, high
GameSetting.Vail.AnimalSpawnRate Adjust animal spawn rate. low, normal, high
GameSetting.Environment.StartingSeason Set environmental starting season. spring, summer, autumn, winter
Structure.Damage Allow buildings to be damaged. true, false
GameSetting.Environment.SeasonLength Adjust season length. short, default, long, realistic
GameSetting.Environment.DayLength Adjust day length. short, default, long, realistic
GameSetting.Environment.PrecipitationFrequency Adjust the frequency of rain and snow. low, default, high
GameSetting.Survival.ConsumableEffects Enable damage taken when low hydration and low fullness. normal, hard
GameSetting.Survival.PlayerStatsDamage Enable damage from each bad or rotten food and drink. off, normal, hard
GameSetting.Survival.ColdPenalties Adjusts the severity that cold will affect health and stamina regeneration. off, normal, hard
GameSetting.Survival.ReducedFoodInContainers Reduces the amount of food found in containers. true, false
GameSetting.Survival.SingleUseContainers Containers can only be opened once. true, false
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