Setting up your server

Created by: LOW.MS Staff

Last modified: 27th June 2023

Simple guide to setting up your server

Our game servers provide a few methods to getting you setup. Firstly you have the configuration files and the command line manager.


Clicking on Configuration files will provide you with the most important config files that you can update to your liking.

Config Files

You have multiple options, you can go into the text editor which gives you full control over the file, allowing you to update the server name, map settings, game settings etc. The config editor is a predefined easy to read and use setup allowing you to simply read the 'standard' settings and input the value you want without having to get all the file structure correct.

Commandline Manager

The command line editor, the default tab shows you the most basic command line to get the server running. Clicking select or selected on the right hand side will expand the options shown to you to change. The custom command line tab allows you to create a much more detailed command line with additional options for your server.

If you can't find any of the settings you want here, you have two options. You can navigate the File Manager and find the config file you need to edit and modify that or you can contact LOW.MS support who can expand the options available to you in the two methods shown above.

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