Server not showing in server list - 7 Days to Die (7DTD)

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Last modified: 18th June 2023

A few easy steps to get your server showing correctly in the server list.

In 7 Days to Die (7DTD) there is several server lists: Standard, Peer, Modded, Friends, History and LAN.

  • Standard
    • These are servers that have 0 mods and use the "recommended" server settings
  • Modded
    • These are servers which EITHER differ from the "recommended" server settings or have mods installed
  • Peer
    • These are servers which run off of people's pc's and can be laggy
  • Friends
    • These are servers where you have steam friends playing on
  • History
    • Servers you have played on in the past
  • LAN
    • Servers running on your home network

If you want to show up as "standard" you will need to use the settings, the developers specify, otherwise you will be put on the modded list.

With Alpha 21 a new config key has been added which can remove your server from the Steam servers.
<property name="ServerDisabledNetworkProtocols" value=""/>

Generally you want this value to be "" which means your server will be working on all networking protocols.

If you still can't see the server in the server list, we advise you to run a Steam update (or the experimental update if you are running that version). If all this fails, please contact our Support team and we will get this resolved for you.

7 Days to Die server list preview for Alpha 21

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