Palworld - Server list and joining your server

Created by: LOW.MS Support

Last modified: 30th January 2024

Current on going issues with the server list & passwords

We're working on expanding this as we learn more, we're also adding more articles on how you can configure your game server.

Server not showing up in the server list

Currently the server list is very overloaded. The server will appear occasionally and we're waiting for the developers to make more fixes for this.

We've managed to get our querying working, which means if you can see player stats on your server on the control panel, this means it is a 'valid' server that will show up. However there are over 240,000 servers on the server list at the moment.

Server password and direct connecting

Bug: If you have a server password set and you directly connect, it currently throws you back to the main menu with "Incorrect password". A known bug they're trying to fix.
This has now been fixed!! please read below to see how to directly connect to your Palworld server

You can now connect in game and click the little checkbox next to the IP textbox. This will allow you to enter a password and directly connect.

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