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Last modified: 30th January 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Breeding Calculator Tools and Techniques

This article delves into the essential tools and strategies for breeding in Palworld, including detailed information on how to breed specific creatures like Anubis, Frostallion, and Faleris.

Online Breeding Calculator Tools for Palworld

Breeding in Palworld can be a complex task, but several online tools have been developed to simplify this process. These calculators allow players to determine the outcome of breeding combinations and strategize their approach effectively.

  1. GenshinLab's Palworld Breeding Combos & Calculator



  4. Kimpton’s Palworld Breeding Guide

  5. Additional Options: There are other calculators available, such as one provided by a Reddit user, u/blahable, which is a comprehensive Google docs spreadsheet with all possible combinations.

Anubis Palworld

Breeding Specific Creatures in Palworld

Breeding Anubis

These combinations of different genders hav been known to produce a Huge Rocky Egg which if you're lucky, will spawn in a level 1 Anubis!

  • Nitewing / Rayhound
  • Caprity / Beakon
  • Incineram / Surfent
  • Eikthrydeer / Beacon
  • Arsox / Pyrin
  • Penking / Bushi
  • Katress / Mossanda
  • Kitsune / Jormuntide

Breeding Frostallion Noct
To breed this Pal you will need a Frostallion, a known combination is:

  • Necromus / Frostallion

Frostallion can be found in the snowy mountains, east of the 'Land of Absolute Zero' teleport point. Coords: -357, 508

Breeding Faleris
One guarantee way of getting a Faleris egg is by breeding this combination:

  • Anubis / Vanwyrm

Players so far have agreed it is easier to breed an Anubis instead of catching them.
Breeding Anubis and Vanwyrm will produce a Huge Scorching Egg.

Breeding in Palworld is a dynamic and engaging aspect of the game that allows players to create unique creatures through strategic combinations. With the help of online breeding calculators and guides, players can navigate this complex system with greater ease and effectiveness. Whether you're looking to breed Anubis, Frostallion, Faleris, or any other creature in Palworld, these tools are invaluable resources for achieving your breeding goals.

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