Installing Darkness Falls on your server

Created by: LOW.MS Support

Last modified: 19th June 2023

A quick and easy guide to installing the Darkness Falls mod onto your server.

A highly requested guide from our customers, we've now added this to be a one click install so LOW.MS customers will be able to play dfalls (Darkness Falls) very quickly.

LOW.MS Customers follow these steps:

  • Login into the control panel
    • Navigate to your 7 Days to Die Server
  • Click 'Mod Manager' on the left hand side
  • Install Darkness Falls
    • Darkness Falls - Latest v4.1.1
    • Strongly suggest you type in the top search bar 'darkness falls' as we have a lot of available mods for 7DTD!
    • Note as of 19/06/2023 - Alpha 21 compatability is not here yet, Khaine is indeed working on getting this up and running and when it is available you will be able to install this via the Mod Manager as well.
  • Once the mod has been installed you can simply start up the server and start playing otherwise you can configure the mod by doing the following:
  1. Pick a pre-generated world
  1. Navigate to 'Configuration Files'

  2. Click 'Text Editor' for the myserverconfig.xml

  3. Modify the line to match the map name above in the table

  4. Modify the line to a world name of your choosing (something different to what you've already generated!)
    Darkness Falls Map Selection

  5. Click 'Save and Exit'

  6. Start up your server.

Note that your server will be generating a map for this and it may take some time, do not restart the server or stop it as it will interfere with the generation of the map.

Congratulations! You now have Darkness Falls on your server.

If you are not a LOW.MS Customer you will need to download the mod and extract it to where you have installed 7DTD Server.
You can find the mod here:

Once you have that extracted follow the steps above, choose a map and modify your myserverconfig.xml.

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A 7 Days To Die guide, let us know what other guides you want to see and we will get them published!

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