How to join your Sons of the Forest (SOTF) Server

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Last modified: 23rd June 2023

A quick and easy guide on joining your server

Three ways to join your server

Via the in game server list

  • Once in game, click on 'Multiplayer' and then 'Join'
  • Switch the 'Source' to DEDICATED
  • You will now see all dedicated servers running.
  • Apply other filters to find your server, e.g. filter for your server name by clicking the three red dots in 'Filter'

Sons of the Forest Multiplayer
Sons of the Forest server list

Via the Steam Servers list
You can connect by using your Query IP and Port, if you navigate to the control panel and find your server you will see your query ip and port, as detailed in the screenshot below:

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You can also hit the 'JOIN' button directly on the control panel to join your server.

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