How to host a V Rising Server

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Last modified: 22nd May 2023

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  1. Install SteamCMD
    After establishing a connection with your server hardware, installing SteamCMD is the first step. The command-line variant of the Steam client provides access to the dedicated server application from V Rising.

You can download the installation files for the tool from this download link.

  1. Install a dedicated V Rising server
    Run SteamCMD and create an installation directory for your V Rising server. For example, the following command sets the path C:\v-rising-server as the directory for the dedicated server application:
    force_install_dir C:\v-rising-server
    Connect to the public Steam servers (Steam Public) via the command line client:
    login anonymous
    Finally, install the dedicated server application using the ID of the corresponding Steam app. In the case of V Rising the app ID is ‘1829350’. Run the following command:
    app_update 1829350 validate


  1. Configure V Rising server
    Now, create the appropriate setup for your V Rising server. To configure it, you’ll find three important files in the installation directory:
  • start_server_example.bat: The batch file named start_server_example can be found in the root directory. This is a basic startup script for your V Rising server. Specify a server name, the name of the memory state, and the file for the server logs, among other things.
  • ServerHostSettings.json: In the subfolder VRisingServer_Data\StreamingAssets\Settings you’ll find the JSON file ServerHostSettings to define the server name, adjust the ports, assign a password and set the maximum number of players.
  • ServerGameSettings.json: You can also find the ServerGameSettings file in the VRisingServer_Data\StreamingAssets\Settings subfolder to customise the game world – from the size of clans, health modifiers or game mode (PvE/PvP).
  1. Start up the server
    When you’ve customised the three configuration files to your liking, you can launch your V Rising server. To do this, double-click on the start batch script. You can launch the server application by double-clicking on the VRisingServer.exe.

Image showing server startup

  1. Joining a V Rising server
    The server loading process usually takes a few minutes. Once loaded, you can connect to the new gaming world. Simply start up the game and continue as follows:
  1. Press 'Play'
  2. Select 'Online game'
  3. Select 'Find Servers'
  4. Show all servers by pressing 'Show all servers and settings'
  5. Type the previously assigned server name into the search area
  6. Enter the password (if assigned) and click 'Join Game' to connect to your server!

Image of the search

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