How To Enable Hardcore Mode On Your Rust Server

Created by: LOW.MS Support

Last modified: 4th June 2023

Easily enable hardcore mode on your server and find out what it means exactly

Steps to enable hardcore mode on your server

Via server.cfg

  1. Navigate to your server on the control panel
  2. Click on [Configuration Files] on the left hand side
    Configuration Files
  3. Open server.cfg
  4. Modify or add a new line: gamemode.set hardcore
  5. Hit Save & Exit and restart your server

Via Commandline Manager

  1. Navigate to your server on the control panel
  2. Click on [Commandline Manager] on the left hand side
    Commandline Manager
  3. Click 'Select' or 'Selected' on your chosen Commandline and in the Additional Parameters enter: +server.gamemode hardcore
    Additional Parameters
  4. Restart your server

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RUST Hardcore game mode changes:

  • Disabled Rust+ Companion App and forcing complete anonymity and map information restriction on third-party player resources (encrypted maps)
  • Removed the crawling feature from the Wounded system, reverting to players downed becoming completely prone and vulnerable
  • Removed the Contact system entirely
  • Removed the Team system entirely
  • Removed the MLRS system entirely
  • Removed the Mission system and removed NPCs
  • Removed Drone Marketplaces from Outpost and Bandit Camp monuments
  • Adds a limit of 5 sleeping bags or beds per character, per server – players may still give bags to others, but 1 bag slot will always be reserved to be placed by a player
  • Removed navigational features such as the in-game map and compass
  • Removed safe zone status — enter at your own risk.
  • Removed safe zone hostility and the indicator icon located in the top right window corner
  • Death screens transparency altered
  • Redacted seed information from the F1 Info panel
  • Disabled console commands: printpos, printrot, printhead, printeyes & printinput
  • The Hardcore server tag has been made searchable in the server browser.
  • Global chat was replaced with Local chat, visible to players within a 100-meter limit.
  • Player blueprints are force wiped every first Thursday of the month.
  • The scrap cost to unlock blueprints in the Tech Tree is increased.
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