How to connect to Rust Server via IP (3 methods) - updated 2023

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Last modified: 14th June 2023

A quick guide on how you can join your Rust server via the IP directly

Server list

  1. Start Rust
  2. Click 'Play Game' on the left hand side
  3. Default categories:
    • Official – Servers managed by Facepunch Studios - generally hard for new players!
    • Community – Self managed Rust servers.
    • Modded – Similar to Community, except for this time, they are running plugins to improve gameplay.
    • Friends – Any server where your friend is connected will show up here.
    • Favourited – Servers you’ve favorited in Steam Servers.
    • History – Rust servers on which you’ve played previously.
  4. 'Search Servers..' textbox at the bottom allows you type in the servers name directly.
  5. Once you have found the server you wish to join, simply select the server and hit 'Join Server'.
    In Game Server List for Rust

In-game console

You will need to have your servers IP and the query port, e.g. our public London server is

  1. Start Rust
  2. Press F1 on your keyboard to open the console (Found above the number keys)
  3. Type client.connect (Pasting in your IP and Port of the server you want to join)
  4. Press Enter
  5. Press F1 again to close the console.
    Direct connection via the console shows 'Amsterdam II' - this is a known bug within Rust
    Console Connect Rust Server

Steam Servers

  1. Launch the Steam Client.
  2. Click the View tab from the top menu.
  3. Click Servers. This opens Steam Server Viewer.
  4. Select the Favorites tab.
  5. Click the Add Server button.
  6. Type the address of the server (either IP or web address are fine).
  7. Click Add this server to favorites.
  8. Launch Rust.
  9. Click Play Game in the main menu.
  10. Select the Favourited tab.
  11. Click on the desired server in the server list and then click Join Server.

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