How to Change Your Map Seed/Size on your Rust Server

Created by: LOW.MS Staff

Last modified: 28th March 2023

Easily change your servers seed and map size

Please note that changing any settings for your map will result in a new world being made losing any data that had previously been acquired on the server. The map will not be lost however just changing the save files, so if you want to go back to the previous map you will have to change all the settings back to the original map’s settings.

Modify via the server.cfg

We recommend using the server.cfg as this overrides the command line and allows you to run scripts/plugins that will automatically update these values for you.

  1. Navigate to Configuration Files
  2. Click on Text Editor for server.cfg
  3. Find & modify the line server.seed or add the line server.seed 123456
  4. Find & modify the line server.worldsize or add the line server.worldsize 6000


Alternative way via the command line:

Preparing your server for changes

1.       Save and shutdown your server.
    2.       Go to commandline manager.
    3.       Then click Custom Commandlines.
    4.       Create a New Commandline.

Creating the new Commandline

1.       You can make the Description anything you want.
    2.       Make sure you check all the boxes on the left hand side. EXCEPT LEVEL URL (Leave Additional Parameters and Server Image unchecked if you are not using them.)
    3.       You can from here change Map Seed to any seed that you want.
    4.       You can also change the world size by decreasing the number to make it smaller and increasing it to make it bigger.

Don’t Forget Editing the seed and world size will create a new world all old data will be lost

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