How can I add mods to my Palworld server?

Created by: LOW.MS Support

Last modified: 28th January 2024

A quick guide on how to add mods to your server [will be updated when more info is released]

At present, we exclusively support mods that are in the .PAK file format.

Mods that require execution with a .bat file are not supported by us.

To use mods with PAK extension in Palworld, follow these steps:

  • Locate the PAK file of the mod you wish to use.
  • Transfer this file to the 'Pal\Content\Paks' folder within the Palworld installation directory on your PC.
  • Additionally, upload the same PAK file to the 'Pal\Content\Paks' folder on your server.

Server side file location for mods

Completing these steps will successfully install the mod in Palworld. The process is straightforward and can be done quickly.

We will be creating automated mod management for Palworld soon, to allow you to have one click installs on mods.

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