Everything you need to know about Ark Clusters

Created by: LOW.MS Staff

Last modified: 7th June 2023

A guide to clustering Ark Servers

In this guide you will be able to make your own ark cluster server and understand how difficult it can be if you wanted to host a massive cluster. But don't worry, we can do the heavy lifting for you. The biggest cluster we are currently hosting for is 34 servers across America.

We have created a tool that allows us to cluster servers from any server around the world seamlessly. This allows you to host various ARK servers worldwide that all connect with each other. You can also include some PVE ark servers and some PVP ark servers.

Creating a clustered server for ARK with LOW.MS

We currently provide setting this up for free, if you simply let support know they can set this up as the tool that syncs different hardware together requires a little bit more care and attention on the setup.

Once you have received your ark survival evolved server game server, we can set up your server clusters up via the control panel & our in-house built sync tool.

How to make a cluster server in Ark?

Hosting the cluster on the same hardware, you can simply create a custom command line to include the required parameters.

-NoTransferFromFiltering -ClusterDirOverride=C:\crossark\cluster -clusterid=lowms1337

The parameters above allow you to create the cluster.

NoTransferFromFiltering - Required to stop people uploading characters from other clusters or from single player - useful if you want to create a fair environment.
ClusterDirOverride - This is where the cluster data is stored. Multiple servers will need access to this folder - you may need to grant permission depending on how you have set up your cluster.
clusterid - The unique ID of the cluster, set this to something you think is unique as if you use a cluster id that someone else is using, they can upload characters.
Once you have setup these additional parameters on the command line, you will be able to travel to another server.

Ark cluster transfer window UI

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