Enabling crossplay on your Ark Server

Created by: LOW.MS Staff

Last modified: 7th June 2023

A guide to enabling crossplay/crossplatform on your server

A frequently asked question that we have is: is ark cross platform?

Yes and no. Whilst we can enable the -crossplay parameter in the commandline this doesn't mean you will be able to connect between xbox and ps4.

To enable the crossplay on your server between Steam/Epic you will need to add that -crossplay to your command line. This is easily done by following these steps:

  1. Login to our control panel
  2. Click on 'Commandline Manager' on the left hand side.
  3. Either on Predefined or Custom Commandlines tab, click 'Select' or 'Selected' on the right hand side
  4. Click the checkbox to the right of 'Crossplay'
  5. Hit Apply
  6. Restart the server

Your server will now have cross play enabled.

Crossplay enabled

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