Conan Exiles Age of War - Released!

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Last modified: 22nd June 2023

The age of war is here! The update has arrived

⚔️⚔️⚔️ WAR IS HERE ⚔️⚔️⚔️

Last year we had Conan Exiles Age of Sorcery bring forth a vast amount of new content to enjoy with sorcery, revamped building, overhauls to attributes, new characters, golem shaping, stories, and more. After three magnificent chapters of Age of Sorcery, the ages will change to the Age of War, unleashing battle cries across the Exiled Lands!

Funcom Age Of War Trailer!

How to update your server to Age of War

  • Log into the control panel
  • Navigate to your Conan Exiles server
  • IMPORTANT: Take Cloud Backup of your server before running the update
  • On the left hand side click 'Steam Update'
  • Start/restart the server

Important changes to Conan Exiles Age of War

Conan Exiles Content Roadmap

You can find the full patch notes here:

Performance and Stability

  • Fixed a “Connection lost” issue that has proven elusive but finally got nailed down
  • Various optimization, crash fixes, and clean-up


  • Fixed a number of known exploits.
  • Target lock improvements and fixes
  • DropEquipmentOnDeath server setting now has three options:
    • Lose nothing on death (0)
    • Lose everything on death (1; default)
    • Lose backpack inventory on death (2)
  • Detect Resources is now a toggle spell
  • Starving characters will no longer die while offline
  • Cats shake quieter now

Clan Emblems
Clan Emblems let you unify your clan under a custom symbol to face the enemies without. Choose from several symbols and backgrounds and display them proudly on banners, shields, armor and more!

  • New work station: Clan Totems

  • Totems with cultural themes

    • Used to combine images and colors to make an emblem to represent your clan
    • Shows your clans current emblem on the totem
    • Clan emblems are displayed on clan armor, shields, banners, etc.
    • Requires permissions in clan to edit emblem
  • Emblems appear on bespoke assets:

    • Wall Banners
    • Carpets
    • Flag Banners
    • Shields
    • Horse caparison

Clan Hoards!

  • Clan Hoards are a new feature for you to find treasure, bring it home, and display it at your base.

    • Place any treasure placeables within the coffers radius to contribute to the personal hoard and the clan hoards totals. Treasures can also be placed directly in the chest next to the Treasurer NPC. Interact with the Treasurer NPC to check the hoard values.

    • Heroic Treasures are special treasures found in the world that have to be carried home. You must make your way back to the base while carrying the treasure, it will not be added to your inventory.

Building Changes

  • Storage Container: Mining now accepts additional item types
  • Arena door now fit properly in its frame
  • Improved feedback on why an object can not be moved
  • Foundations no longer have an “Outer Face” indicator

Crafting Changes

  • Recipes for Potion of Natural Learning and the Bestial Memory has been moved off of Midnight Alchemist and are now part of the Firebowl Cauldron knowledge. The Raw Ash ingredient for both these potions has been removed as a requirement for crafting them.
  • Fixed an issue where certain placeables would return the wrong materials when dismantled
  • Golem crafting stations acquired from the Bazaar now have the same build costs as those found through game play, except that Blood Crystal Golem Workbench requires Blood Crystals
  • Wells now require 50 Tar (down from 300), and 100 Steel Reinforcement (down from 300) for tier 2

Combat & NPC Adjustments

  • NPCs now have a smaller area of attack (hit box) with their first heavy attack with Two-Handed Spear weapons
  • NPCs can now actually hit with their off-hand daggers
  • Some NPCs have had their area of attack with daggers reduced as it was too large
  • All Battle Pass and Bazaar pets now have proper attributes and leveling gains
  • Greater Komodo Dragon can now apply poison when attacking
  • Abandoned thralls now correctly disappear over time
  • Pet Rats now have collision
  • Dragons are less twitchy in uneven terrain

Balance changes
The stamina regen pause has been decreased from several seconds to 0.1 seconds, thus you will start regenerating stamina a lot sooner than before. Related server default values have been changed, and will be force-set upon patching (server admins beware!):

  • StaminaRegenerationTime = 1.75

  • StaminaOnConsumeRegenPause = 0.1

  • StaminaOnExhaustionRegenPause = 0.1

  • StaminaLightArmorNoLoadRegenMultiplier = 1.0

  • StaminaLightArmorLightLoadRegenMultiplier = 1.0

  • StaminaLightArmorMediumLoadRegenMultiplier = 1.0

  • StaminaLightArmorHeavyLoadRegenMultiplier = 1.0

  • StaminaLightArmorOverLoadRegenMultiplier = 1.0

  • StaminaMediumArmorNoLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.9

  • StaminaMediumArmorLightLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.9

  • StaminaMediumArmorMediumLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.9

  • StaminaMediumArmorHeavyLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.9

  • StaminaMediumArmorOverLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.9

  • StaminaHeavyArmorNoLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.85

  • StaminaHeavyArmorLightLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.85

  • StaminaHeavyArmorMediumLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.85

  • StaminaHeavyArmorHeavyLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.85

  • StaminaHeavyArmorOverLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.85

  • Stamina cost for jumping has increased to 8, and an extra Stamina cost of 16 for double-jump has been introduced

  • Heavy attacks will do more damage than before, ranging from 5% to 20% more damage, depending on weapon type

Mods not working?

Please wait or ask the mod creator if they are fixing the mod for the latest update, again be nice to them as they will need to start working hard in order to get it working with the latest update!

Backup your server! Conan Exiles Mod will need to be updated

This is very important, please run the Cloud Backup before running the update due to the fact that mods may mess up your server save file.

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