Commands.ini configuration for Path of Titans

Created by: LOW.MS Support

Last modified: 31st May 2023

Simple guide to update and modify your Commands.ini for Path of Titans



[Role:Teleporter]: Defines the name for the role, in this example the name would be Teleporter
+Permission: Authorises the role to use the commands associated with the permission.
Important: one permission per line!
ChatColor: Sets the chat colour for the role
OverrideAdminChatColor: If set to True, the role will use the chat color as defined under ChatColor. Else the role will use the default chat color.
ReservedSlot: Determines whether players of this role have a reserved slot on the server.
Additional possible settings:

AllowSpectatorAccess=True/False: allows use of the spectator mode as well as the admin panel.
CreatorModeAccess=True/False: allows players to use the creator mode
Hierarchy=0: Sets the hierarchy of the role. Roles with a lower hierarchy cannot use certain commands on roles of a higher hierarchy.
Affected Commands:kick,ban,promote,demote

You can assign the respective roles to players under [PlayerRoles].
Alternatively, if you have the necessary permission, ingame via the chat command /promote Playername Rolename.

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