Bans.txt Configuration for Path of Titans

Created by: LOW.MS Staff

Last modified: 31st May 2023

Simple guide to update and modify your ban list for Path of Titans

Ban list screenshot

As you can see in the image above, the ban list is fairly simple. All you need to know if the Alderon ID or he users IP address.

For example, if you wanted to ban people from joining on the localhost all you would need to enter is: was trolling

The lines are broken into 4 different sections.
Ban list with example screenshot

Section 1 is the users IP address
Section 2 is the length of time for that ban to last, 0 is forever
Section 3 is a optional Admin reason why they were banned, e.g. banned by Kurkin
Section 4 is the optional reason why they have been banned.

Below is a finalised ban.txt with the example above.
// Ban List for Path of Titans
// Format Information
// Alderon Id or IP Address (required)
// UnixTimestamp - Ban expiration (eg - 0 = forever. If not specified, 0 is assumed
// AdminReason - Reason the user was banned for admin purposes (Optional)
// UserReason - Reason the user was banned (displayed to the user) (Optional)
//(EXAMPLE) 525-053-709:0:Reason for admins here:Stay out of my server
//(EXAMPLE) people on sight was trolling

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