Alpha 21 big update for 7 Days To Die

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Last modified: 10th June 2023

Huge alpha 21 update - read more below

A huge exciting release is coming to 7 Days To Die, It's been a while since the last big update around a year or so. This alpha brings more polish, optimizations, updates, quality-of-life improvements, new content, new features, and new gameplay systems than ever before.

Full release notes can be found here:
A21 Release Notes -

Forum post for the dev diary

Alpha 21 7 Days To Die

Full video showing all the changes incoming by 'Guns, Nerds, and Steel' - We hugely recommend you watch and subscribe to them for all the 7 Days To Die content.

How to update your server to Alpha 21

  • Log into the control panel
    • Navigate to your 7 Days To Die server
    • On the left hand side click 'Switch to/Update Latest Experimental'
    • Optional: We recommend using a fresh map for this
    • Navigate to the Configuration Files
    • Click 'Text Editor' on the myserverconfig.xml
    • Modify the values WorldGenSeed and GameName
    • Restart the server

The values in the config file:
<property name="WorldGenSeed" value="LOWMSSeed"/
<property name="GameName" value="MyBestGameServer"/>

Updating your 7 Days to Die(7DTD) server to Alpha 21

Important Release notes that we've spotted

Huge changes to the Environment Art & Graphic Designs
The environment team has been heavily focused on the design, production, and implementation of hundreds of new high definition and physically based assets to help the world feel more believable and immersive. Additionally, new and updated shaders add a finishing touch to the environments.

More Gore

  • Even more gore now that more zombies utilize the new gore system

Huge amount of new and overhauled locations
There has been changes to hundreds of POIs and there has been a lot of new POIs added. 75+ New questable POIs!

A few bullet points directly from the release notes:

  • All Trader locations have been entirely reworked with custom art
  • There are over 75+ pure new questable POIs
  • Most POIs (Nearly 400) now support the new Infestation Quest type
  • New parts & RWG features – Roadside POI spawns
  • Navezgane has gotten a quite a bit of updates
    • Terrain updates
    • New POIs added
    • perishton_city_blk_01 through 05 (Overhauled Tiles)
    • perishton_city_blk_06 (New Tile)
    • perishton_tunnel_01 & 02 (New Remnant)
    • departure_city_blk_plaza (Overhauled Remnant)
  • More than 200 POIs have been added or completely overhauled. And every POI in the game has been updated with new Art and Shapes

Random World Generation Update
The RWG (Random World Generator) has gone through massive updates, which is why we recommend starting a new map!
Everything about the RWG has been improved.

Huge! Twitch Extension
Streamers will now be able to interact with viewers without cluttering up the chat. You will be able to allow your viewers to use bits to interact with you directly in game! They've also added Presets to customize your integration experience. Custom Events have also been added for Twitch events such as Subs, Gifting Subs, Raids, Hype Trains, and Channel Point Redeems.

Networking Improvements and Performance & Optimizations
Currently we have a number of servers that want to host for more than 30 players, in the old state the game couldn't really handle this but from what we've seen from the notes, it may be possible soon!

Definitely try out this update as we believe it will be amazing! Order your server as soon as possible to enjoy the new content 7 Days To Die Server Hosting

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