Alojamiento de servidores Palworld

Palworld server hosting with instant setup and easy configuration for all your gaming needs.
  • UE4SS Support and .pak mod support!
  • CurseForge and NexusMod integration coming soon!
  • Free server migration from other hosts
  • 32 maximum slots!
  • Cloud backup system - never lose your data again!
  • 10 GB RAM FREE
  • RYZEN 7950X ONLY
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¿Qué está incluido?

Todos nuestros servidores de juegos vienen con una gran selección de características.

Configuración instantánea

Tan pronto como recibamos su pago, nuestro sistema comenzará a configurar su servidor, lo que le permitirá comenzar a jugar en cuestión de minutos.

Alimentado por NVME

Utilizamos los últimos procesadores Intel que proporcionan a su servidor hasta 5 GHz de potencia de procesamiento en bruto combinada con memoria DDR4 y SSD de Intel.

CPUs más rápidos

Utilizamos exclusivamente CPUs que tienen los índices de referencia más altos para alojar servidores de juegos. Esto incluye los últimos Intel i9, Ryzen y Xeon E-series CPUs con velocidades de hasta 5.3GHz!

Protección DDoS

Todos nuestros servidores tienen al menos 10 Gbps de protección DDOS, lo que minimiza las interrupciones en su juego. Algunas ubicaciones utilizan Corero SmartWall, que proporciona la protección definitiva para servidores de juegos.

Soporte y tiempo de actividad 24/7

Todos nuestros servicios funcionan las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana, con un tiempo de actividad garantizado del 99,9%. También tenemos a su disposición un equipo de soporte las 24 horas del día, listo para ayudar con cualquier consulta que pueda tener.

Garantía de calidad

Hacemos todo lo posible para garantizar que su servicio sea de la mejor calidad. Si por alguna razón no está satisfecho, proporcionaremos un reembolso completo dentro de los primeros 5 días de su pedido.

Why choose LOW.MS for Palworld hosting?

Palworld was not relatively well known until recently, where it's interesting and controversial game has taken social media by storm. The game is essentially an open-world survival game combined with the likes of Pokemon and... guns? LOW.MS strive to provide the best Palworld server hosting available, which has been proven since release with our strong Trustpilot score and countless positive testimonials. Palworld servers are currently available up to 32 slots, although the developers have hinted this may increase to 64 slots once the game is more stable. One frequent topic around Palworld servers is the RAM usage. It is common for other hosts to overfill their hardware with game servers, and when combined with a RAM hungry game like Palworld, this causes frequent crashes and rubber-banding. We have invested heavily in Ryzen 7950X and Intel i9 14900K hardware with 192GB DDR5 RAM. Ensuring your Palworld server will have the best performance possible!

World map of all our hosting locations

Estados Unidos

Bend, OR

Los Ángeles, CA

Phoenix, AZ

Dallas, TX

Miami, FL

Ashburn, VA


Londres, Reino Unido

Nuremberg, Alemania

Helsinki, Finlandia

Varsovia, Polonia

Asia y Oceanía

Singapur, SG

Sídney, Australia

South America

Sao Paulo, BR

12 Ubicaciones de servidores

¡Te tenemos cubierto!

Tenemos una amplia variedad de ubicaciones disponibles. Si necesita ayuda para elegir una ubicación, utilice nuestra herramienta Ping Test o póngase en contacto con el soporte.

Todas las ubicaciones cuentan con protección DDoS que puede soportar ataques de hasta 100 Gbps. Manteniendo su servidor de juegos seguro, sin importar dónde esté en el mundo.

¿Hay alguna ubicación que le gustaría ver? ¡Háganoslo saber!

Please note: Ping test may provide inaccurate results when on WiFi, 4G/5G, or connected to a VPN.

Alojamiento de servidores Preguntas frecuentes - Palworld

How much RAM do I get with a Palworld server?

As standard you'll have up to 10GB RAM. You can upgrade this at anytime through the control panel.

Will the game server work with Steam?

Yes, all Palworld servers hosted by LOW.MS will be fully compatible with Steam.

How long does it take for my Palworld game server to come online?

Currently Palworld servers take about 2 minutes to set-up from the moment you pay for your order.

Server not showing up in the server list

Currently the server list is very overloaded. The server will appear occasionally and we're waiting for the developers to make more fixes for this.

Server password and direct connecting

If you have a server password set and you directly connect, it currently throws you back to the main menu with "Incorrect password". A known bug they're trying to fix.

Can I migrate to LOW.MS from another host?

Yes of course! We'll help you move your save over, and we even have an automatic tool for some hosts!

Will my Palworld server crash frequently like with other hosts?

No! We have very generous RAM packages, and do not overfill our nodes. Crashing is not a thing with us.

How do I setup my Palworld server?

We have a detailed guide on how to setup your server here: Setting up your server

Resumen del juego

Engage in combat, cultivate crops, construct structures, and cooperate with enigmatic beings known as "Pals". Utilize them as mounts for exploration and combat against other Pals, employ them for various tasks, or even consume them. The launch trailer, seemingly tranquil initially, can be viewed below. At LOW.MS, Palworld hosting has been a service since the game's inception, showcasing our expertise in server hosting for this game. Our servers boast a standard 10GB of RAM, ensuring smooth and efficient gameplay. Additionally, the servers are set up instantly and are accessible around the clock, providing a seamless gaming experience. Currently, we offer servers with up to 32 slots, but there's potential for expansion to 64 slots in the future, as hinted by the game's developers, to accommodate the game's growing stability and popularity.

Get your Palworld dedicated server today and start playing with your friends, guild mates or your clan.

Panel de control de vanguardia

Nuestro nuevo panel de control estará disponible próximamente para el alojamiento de servidores Palworld. Ofrece todo lo que tiene nuestro panel de control actual, pero con una interfaz nueva, intuitiva y elegante.

Nuestro equipo de desarrollo interno ha estado trabajando en esto desde 2021, y revolucionará la industria. Haz clic en el botón de abajo para obtener más información al respecto. Hasta que se lance el nuevo panel de control, seguirás teniendo acceso a nuestro completo panel de control TCAdmin.

Image of the new LOW.MS control panel

Garantía de devolución de dinero

Estamos seguros de que estarás satisfecho con nuestro servicio. Si en raras ocasiones hay un problema con tu servicio, haremos todo lo posible para solucionarlo, o simplemente puedes solicitar la devolución de tu dinero.

Ofrecemos una garantía de devolución de dinero completa de 5 días en todos nuestros alojamientos de servidores de juegos. Sin preguntas.

Nuestros servidores Palworld comienzan desde solo

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Mira lo que nuestros clientes tienen que decir sobre nuestros servicios

I admin several servers hosted by LOW.MS and can without doubts give this provider the very best recommendations. They assist us on short notice regardless day/night/weekend and also with issues not necessary beeing their ground, like Rcon connection etc.

Their control panel is easy on the eye and to controll, giving the tools you need on an everyday basis. Servers seem powerfull, stable and hardly any lag can be noticed.

Thumbs up!

Excellent service and support.

There were a few problems at first start up, which they resolved and things are running VERY smooth :D They're very friendly, work hard and make you feel welcome - they don't give you the 'clinical' feeling like some companies do, but they make you really feel appreciated as customer.

Great service, doesn't cost a fortune, and very friendly support - I highly recommend them if you're looking for an affordable host for your games ^^

I had a great experience with Anytime I ran across issues I had with my server (which wasn't frequent by any means) I was able to create a ticket, go to Discord, email them, etc and my issue was always resolved very quickly.

The server was stable and reliable.

I'll definitely return to you guys when I have more time to get back into the games.

Very good on prices compared to all other hosting providers for Rust servers and the support is amazing, very helpful and usually quite quick to reply.

Rust server at stock with a few mods and absolutely no lag at all, no crashes unlike some other providers i have been with.

You have nothing to lose as they provide around a 24 hour refund policy.

Thank you for all the support you have helped me with recently on my Rust servers.

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