Terms of Service

Last updated 30th October 2023

General Usage

LOW.MS is a trading name of Swiftping Limited (Registered in England & Wales with company number 09383278).

Our services must not be used for anything that is deemed illegal under UK law. They also cannot be used for the following purposes;

  • Hosting and/or facilitating of botnet command & control servers
  • Spoofing of IP addresses
  • Carrying out DDoS attacks
  • Sending of unsolicited emails or distributing malware
  • Hosting and/or facilitating of phishing websites
  • Port scanning (includes zmap)
  • The use of cracked or unlicensed software
  • Creating tunnels with the express purpose of providing remote DDoS protection
  • Content glorifying tragedies
  • Hate Speech of any kind
  • Publicly available services with no moderation or oversight
  • Content that may endanger others based on their ethnicity, religion or sexual preferences


Game Servers

We offer a 5-day money back guarantee on all game servers (this does not include dedicated servers).

If you are outside of the 5-day guarantee, refunds are not allowed unless your service has been severely disrupted by us. These refunds are still at the discretion of Swiftping Limited t/a LOW.MS.

Refunds are not provided for renewals, unless a cancellation request has been made (See "Renewing and Cancelling Your Service") 24 hours prior to your renewal.

Any game servers that require further manual setup, such as ATLAS or ARK clusters, are non-refundable.

DDoS attacks are not classed as service disruption caused by Swiftping Limited t/a LOW.MS, and so no refunds will be provided in the event your game service is unavailable due to a DDoS attack.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are non-refundable. However, we do provide refunds in certain instances where a problem is caused by Swiftping t/a LOW.MS. This could be because of the following reasons;

  • A network outage for over 3 hours.
  • A power outage for over 6 hours.
  • Hardware replacement taking over 48 hours.

In the case that your service is eligible for a refund, a full refund will be provided if your service is less than 48 hours old. If your service has been active and working for longer than this, then a refund would be calculated as follows;

(Service Cost / Billing Term) * Days remaining in billing term

All refund claims are under the discretion of Swiftping Limited t/a LOW.MS.


The following is not allowed with all our dedicated server services;

  • Updating any BIOS settings (including overclocking CPU or memory)
  • Updating any IPMI settings

Some of our hardware is overclocked as standard, or can be overclocked upon request (via support ticket). If your service is overclocked, this does not exclude you from the above rules.

If any of your services are found to be breaking the above rules, your service will be terminated. You will also be charged £20.00 excl. VAT per violation.

The above list may change at any time.

Data Loss & Protection

Swiftping Limited will not be held responsible for the backing up and integrity of customers data. In the case that data loss may occur, you will be held responsible for your own data and a refund cannot be offered if outside the 5-day distance-selling policy. When a hard drive or SSD fails, we will replace the failed hardware within 24 hours.

If you have outstanding bills for your services, then this can lead to data loss through server reinstallation after 5 days of being overdue.

Customers who have a game server may utilise our cloud backup service, which will backup all important files for your service such as saves, world data and player data. This can be run manually or scheduled to happen at a recurring time.


Your service with us will be automatically renewed at the end of your billing period.

Payment will automatically be taken via our payment processor Stripe (if you paid by credit/debit card). PayPal payments are automatically sent to us as per the automatic payment you set-up during ordering. If you did not set an automatic payment, you will need to pay your invoice manually by logging into our billing area.

In order to stop your service automatically renewing, you must inform Swiftping Limited t/a LOW.MS by either submitting a cancellation request via our billing system (by logging into your billing account, selecting your service and then clicking the "Request cancellation" button on the left), or by contacting us (please see our contact us page for how to do this), at least 24 hour hours prior to your renewal.

There are two types of cancellations, "immediate" and "end of billing period". An immediate cancellation will be processed within 24 hours of the cancellation being submitted. An end of billing period cancellation will be processed on or after the day of your billing date. Unless otherwise requested, all cancellations will by default be "end of billing period" cancellations.

If a payment has not been received within 72 hours after the stated due date on the invoice, your service will be suspended. Upon receiving a payment while your service is suspended, your service will be unsuspended.

If payment is not recieved within 4 days after the stated due date on the invoice, your service will be terminated and all data belonging to your service will be irrerversibly deleted. Once terminated, a service can not be re-activated. We may take backups prior to termination, but we do not guarantee this.

We will make an attempt to charge your payment method once a day up until a cancellation request is received, or your service is terminated. We will attempt to charge you while your service is suspended.


Swiftping Limited t/a LOW.MS does not guarantee 100% uptime for any of our services, but we strive to provide as close to this time as possible. Sometimes issues can occur which may affect the services we provide to you. You accept that this can happen and that we will do our up most to resolve any issues that occur in a short space of time.

Unfortunately refunds can not be provided where downtime is caused by settings or game files being modified by customers.

In the case you are experiencing poor performance or high latency on your server, please be made aware that this can easily be caused by installing third-party modifications, or adjusting server settings. Swiftping Limited t/a LOW.MS is not responsible for any of these issues where modifications or server settings have been modified to unrecommended values.

Sometimes we need to perform essential maintenance accross our network. We will always inform all affected customers at least 24 hours prior to the downtime, and we will ensure the downtime is kept at a minimum.

Our Guarantees

All your services benefit from our guarantees

  • 99.9% Network Uptime
  • 99.99% Power continuity
  • 24 hour hardware replacement
  • 6 hour, business hours, general support ticket response time
  • 2 business days, billing ticket response time


Swiftping Limited t/a LOW.MS will only limit you to what you're paying for in respects to your max player slots, CPU and RAM options. Bandwidth, connection speed and disk space are not limited for our game server hosting. We closely monitor all resource usage accross our network to ensure there are ample amounts of RAM, CPU and Disk Space. We never oversell our servers.


In any event where a game server, billing account or web hosting is hacked or hijacked, Swiftping Limited t/a LOW.MS will not be held responsible for this occurrence. It is the customers responsibility to keep all there log in details and passwords secure.


Swiftping Limited t/a LOW.MS does it's best to provide instant setup for our game servers, which is normally within 5 minutes. Sometimes due to various different reasons, manual intervention may be required which means setup may be delayed until our office hours. Depending on the number of orders in our system, this may take up to 24 hours during particularly busy periods. Your billing date will be adjusted in the event of any delays.

In regards to dedicated servers, setup is normally 24-48 hours unless otherwise stated.


Swiftping Limited t/a LOW.MS reserves the right to terminate any service that is not paid on the due date indicated on all invoices. We normally keep your data for a further 7 days after your service has been suspended, but we cannot guarantee this. In the event of termination/cancellation, we reserve the right to delete your data and all backups in our system.

Let us know if you will be unable to pay for your service, or you do not wish to continue so we can assist you in retrieving all relevant data.


Swiftping Limited t/a LOW.MS are in no way liable for payments/donations that are received in exchange for virtual or physical goods on a server, by purchasing a server, you agree to remove all liability from Swiftping Limited t/a LOW.MS in regards to customer service/payments and disputes.


Swiftping Limited t/a LOW.MS reserves the right to modify our terms of service (incl. Liability and Privacy Policy clauses) anytime without notifying any of our customers. It is the customers responsibility to check our terms of service regularly for any updates. We will clearly state the date of last modification.


We only store personally identifiable information (Name, address, IP address etc) of customers who have signed up to our Billing system and have agreed to these Terms of Service. This information is kept secure and never shared without the persons permission.

We use a third-party data processor "Google Analytics" to collect anonymous information about all visitors to our website and billing system. This data is anonymous, and is not attached to an IP address. Cookies are stored to assist with ensuring data is unique, but still anonymous.

You may request from us at anytime to receive any data we store about you. You may also request for us to delete any of this data. Some data may be required for recurring billing purposes, if this data is deleted then we may not be able to bill you. Any requests to receive or delete personal data will be processed within 7 days, and may incur a charge of £10 in some circumstances.

We do not store any of your payment details on our servers. When making a payment for a game server, you will be redirected to a third-party such as PayPal which will always be FCA compliant to the highest standards. We do not share any of your personal information with any third parties, with the exception of our payment processors Stripe and PayPal.

We strictly follow UK and EU GDPR laws and guidelines. If you have any complaints, you can reach our Data Protection Officer at [email protected]. Please use GDPR in the email subject.


If your game server IP gets blacklisted by the developers/owners of a game, Swiftping Limited t/a LOW.MS will not provide a refund for the remainder of your billing period.

If your game server infringes copyright of other game servers (for example, copying the server name of an existing game server), Swiftping Limited t/a LOW.MS will suspend your service without warning and will not provide a refund for the remainder of your billing period.

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