i9 10900K Dedicated Server

from $162.81 per month

Premium, high-performance game server, powered by leading technology.

Free world-class DDoS protection, full mod support and more!

Included with i9 10900K

Intel Core i9 10900K
DDoS Protection
3-5 Days Setup
London ONLY
Perfect for a 5+ high slot game servers

Why choose LOW.MS as your server host

DDoS Protection

All servers on our network are protected from DDoS attacks. Keeping your server fully defended at all times.

Performance Hardware

Our i9 10900K servers all use high-end hardware from top brands. Incl. Supermicro motherboards, Crucial DDR4 RAM and Samsung SSDs.

Gaming Optimised

This is an i9 10900K optimised for gaming with ultra low latency network, DDoS protection and optional gaming control panels.

Owned Hardware

We own all our hardware, allowing us to provide very competitive pricing and lots of options. Contact us if you want something unique!

Save $$$ by paying for longer!
Monthly$162.81 / month
Quarterly$137.91 / month
Semi-annually$146.57 / month
Best value!
$143.26 / month
Multi-month discounts can be selected at checkout.

Starting from...

$162.81 / month
Select currency

You are moments away!

Depending on stock levels, your i9 10900K could be up and running within 1-48 hours

Configurable options and extras


32GB DDR4 RAM+ $0.00/ month
64GB DDR4 RAM+ $30.16/ month

256GB NVMe SSD+ $0.00/ month
512GB NVMe SSD+ $18.10/ month
2 x 256GB NVMe SSD+ $18.10/ month
2 x 512GB NVMe SSD+ $30.16/ month
1TB NVMe SSD+ $30.16/ month
2 x 1TB NVMe SSD+ $60.32/ month
Custom (State in order notes)+ $0.00/ month
Backup HDD

No Backup HDD+ $0.00/ month
1TB+ $9.05/ month
2TB+ $12.06/ month
4TB+ $24.13/ month
10TB+ $48.26/ month
RAID Options

No Raid+ $0.00/ month
Soft RAID 1+ $0.00/ month
Soft RAID 0+ $0.00/ month
Operating System

CentOS 7.3+ $0.00/ month
Debian 8+ $0.00/ month
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS+ $0.00/ month
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard+ $24.13/ month
Windows Server 2016 Standard+ $24.13/ month
Custom - OS/Key in order notes+ $0.00/ month
Connection Speed

1 Gbps+ $0.00/ month
10 Gbps+ $30.16/ month

10TB+ $0.00/ month
30TB+ $30.16/ month
100TB+ $60.32/ month
1 Gbps Unmetered+ $289.54/ month
DDoS Protection

5-20 Gbps (Varies with location)+ $0.00/ month
Control Panel

None+ $0.00/ month
LOW.MS CP (No root access)+ $19.30/ month
TCAdmin 2 (Your own license)+ $0.00/ month

Starting from...

$162.81 / month

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