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We can provide enterprise class hosting, tailor made to host your game's backend servers. Get in touch to find out what we can provide.

A little about us

LOW.MS has been dedicated to hosting game servers globally for the last 5 years. We have hosted just over 20,000 servers for millions of players in over 40 countries.

We have had experience before with hosting large enterprise systems, one example is the original DayZ official database and servers way back when it was MOD.

Our love of supporting game developers is shown as we will be willing to support you as you create your game, we have already supported other developer teams called Rooster Teeth and have managed the GRAN SKREA Online servers.

Our offer to you

We would be willing to provide you with physical dedicated servers whilst you develop your game, we can also offer you a revenue share if you let us be your preferred private server host, we can offer upto 25% of the earnings we would make from the same sales.

We have global coverage, so you will be provided with the lowest ms - no matter where your development teams are located.

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