Ever dreamt of a Minecraft world where you can tame dinos and survive - just like in ARK? The idea of combining the two sounds quite far-fetched, almost too good to be true . There may have been amateur Minecraft mods that accomplished it in one way or another, but nothing official has ever existed.

Screenshot of PixARK

Snail Games, after (or before) acquiring ARK developers Studio Wildcard, shared a similar dream which they have since developed into reality. Due for release at the end of March, PixARK will bring ARK to a pix-elated universe (as you may have guessed from the name).

Details on PixARK server hosting are quite sparse at the moment. LOW.MS have reached out to the developers to ensure we can provide PixARK servers from the moment the game and it’s server files land on the Steam servers. We would strongly advise picking up a server sooner rather than later, the game is expected to be a huge success, and if Minecraft is anything to go by we could be seeing Hypixel or Mineplex-sized communities and servers very soon!

As an introductory offer, we are offering all new customers 20% off their first month on all PixARK hosting. Just use the code PIXARK at checkout.