We have updated our website! You may notice the overall design is much improved, as well as a few features to help with user experience.

Screenshot of new LOW.MS website

New Search
You can now search for products on all the respective product pages. We added this as our products list is forever growing, and it was becoming harder for users to find the game they wanted.

Game Server Ping Test
Our ping test tool was previously not working too well. What may seem like a simple tool is actually very complex behind the scenes. We are one of the only game server providers to show an actual realistic and working ping test. Many have tried and failed!

The value shown should be quite accurate but could be slightly higher (10-15%) than what you would actuall get, this is due to the browser adding some overheads.

The tool is available here.

Live Stock & Pricing
All stock and pricing on our website is live. If we run out of stock in a particular location, it will update live on our website. Any pricing changes will also be reflected, although we try to not update prices often as it would not be fair on current customers.

We are working hard on a new control panel, and the new website will some more features once this is released. One of them being a fully automatic, 24 hour game server trial/demo service.