Over the past few months Funcom have been hard at work pumping out new features and fixing a shed load of bugs and issues with the game. Conan Exiles is currently due to be released from early access on the 8th May, and the update will be available immediately accross our entire network.

Conan Exiles Farming

We are very much welcoming the new improvements here at LOW.MS, as a number of changes will help improve the Conan Exiles server hosting that we provide. Dedicated server stability and performance have been massively improved, with confirmation from developers that their own official servers are using less memory and provide a much smoother gameplay experience. This means our Conan Exiles hosting will also be much smoother, perfect timing for the i7 8700K CPU upgrades we are doing on our game server nodes.

If you already have a server with us, the developers recommend wiping all data on the 8th May as the new changes and fixes may cause issues with existing early access data. All official Funcom servers will also be wiped.

A quick summary of some new features and changes coming to Conan Exiles servers:

  • Farming
  • New Volcano and Swamp areas
  • Combat rework
  • The Purge (Clan/Guild events)
  • Fast Travel
  • Attribute System Rework (Gear, Perks and Warpaint)
  • New Admin Panel Graphics
  • Content Rebalance
  • …and more!

We recommend watching Funcom’s latest dev stream video available on YouTube, as well as their other dev stream videos to find out more about all the upcoming changes.

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